Grosvenor Chemicals is a highly experienced agrochemicals toll manufacturer. We have been synthesising actives, formulating and re-packing crop protection products for the past 25 years. Customers can call on some of the best technical expertise in Europe for SC and EC formulations.

With one of the largest capacities of bead milling in Europe we are able to reduce particle size to 3 micron giving a very stable concentrate. And as a COMAH site we are able to handle most chemicals used in the sector.

Products include herbicides, fungicides, trace nutrients and insecticides.

With this knowledge and experience comes an in-depth understanding of market requirements, in particular the importance of quality, traceability and speed of service. We are fully conversant with all the relevant legislation, recognise the importance of product segregation and operate stringent clean down procedures.

No wonder we have worked for the majority of brand holders in the market.

Over 25 years in chemicals formulation


  • Contract manufacture for most Multi-National companies
  • Trace Nutrients
  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • Growth Regulators
  • Adjuvants

A significant amount of multinational companies are using Grosvenor Chemicals directly. Many use the company indirectly through Whyte Chemicals and other selling companies. There are a large number of contracts with smaller companies probably accounting for 30% of the contract formulation work. Currently the company processes approximately 500 product lines per annum for a whole variety of customers.


  • Anti-foams
  • Suncreams
  • Hair Lacquers
  • Biocides

The items that are listed above are good exmaples of the range of non-agricultural products made by Grosvenor Chemicals Limited for its clients. Many more non agrochemical products pass through the site each year but tend to be either as small repeat business work e.g. laundry label adhesive or one off contracts that fit well on either a time or plant basis.