Production and Support Facilities

Our well equipped technical support facility reflects the diversity of plant we operate and the often highly complex nature of the products we manufacture.

Our R&D team includes a number of development chemists while, in addition to traditional wet analysis methods, our QC laboratory can also carry out HPLC, GLC, particle size analysis and UV spectrometry.

Our experience and market knowledge, combined with these extensive facilities, enable us to take initial concepts and ideas and, working in close partnership with our customers, turn them into finished products.

QC Laboratory

  • HPLC
  • GLC
  • Particle Size Analysis
  • ‘Wet’ methods

All production and R&D work is backed up by an excellent analytical resource. A range of instrumental techniques is available including HPLC, GLC, UV/Vis spectrometry and particle size analysis. These are supplemented by more traditional ‘wet’ methods including titration, gravimetric analysis and viscometry.


  • Small Process Development team
  • Access to Leeds University library
  • Good University contacts

Our small process development team supports new and existing projects. To assist them in their work they have access to a major universirty library along with good contacts at a number of the regional universities.